HP1022N network printer online status not sensed

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HP1022N network printer online status not sensed

We have HP1022N with an ethernet connection to our routers. Both our windows 7 & 10 systems boot up without detecting that the printer is online even though it has been turned on and connected to the router for some time. We are able to force recognition of its online status by running the printer trouble shooter.
Does anyone have a solution that will enable automatic sensing of the online status?

Not Sensing Online Status

I had similar experience with wireless printers after the laptops had been Wifi connected to various routers on Windows 10.   I had to go to Manage Known Networks under WiFi Network Connections  drop or remove all routers listed and reconnect to the router. Following this procedure Ihad to go to Devices and search and add the printer.  Assuming you are using WiFi laptop connections procedure highlighted should work for you.
Make sure the "Let Windows Manage the Printers" switch is turned off.

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