Using FileDepot


The FileDepot (FD) provides a way for you to share a document (or any other file, such as a spreadsheet) with others. You can access the document, change it, and replace it in the repository.

If you want to use a file that you are authorized to access, follow the steps below. If you want to Import a new document into a new folder, you must request that the folder be created for you.


  1. LOGIN: Go to the web site at and login to your account. Enter your Username and Password in the boxes on the left.

  2. FD: At the web site main menu, click “Filedepot.” You will see the folders and files in that folder.

  3. Navigate to the folder where you are to save and retrieve documents. Click on the folder name.

  4. Download: To download a document, click the down-arrow at the right of the file name, under the column header Action.  Depending on your browser, you will be offered to open and/or download the file.

    Click on the file name to see all of your options including download.

  5. Replace: You may have permission to upload a replacement.  If so, click on the file name, then click "New Version" to upload a new version of the file.

  6. NEW DOCUMENT: To store a new document in the folder, click “New File.” Choose the file to upload. Click “Upload.” The file will be uploaded.  Enter any other information fields about the file.  Uncheck the box before Email Notification: Yes.  Scroll to the bottom of the New File window and click "Upload File."